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Working Group


During the academic year, WLMA meets every other week as a Working Group, an informal venue where participants present their research, discuss a paper, coordinate group projects, or plan upcoming events. Presentation of ongoing work in any stage of development is encouraged, from an initial analysis of fresh data to a polished practice talk for a conference. All subdisciplines and Meso-American languages are welcome. Recent meetings have covered such diverse topics as the phonetics of phonation in Santiago Laxopa Zapotec, movement to object in Lake Pátzcuaro P'urhepecha, and information structure in Tsotsil.

Location: Stevenson 249
Day and Time: Friday, 1:00–2:30 pm (Winter 2019)

Organizer: Andrew Hedding

For more information, email the organizers at

Current Schedule

January 18
Judith Aissen
'how' questions in K'iche' (Mayan): A light verb construction

February 1
England 2007 ("Marking Aspect and Mood and Inferring Time in Mam (Mayan)")