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Nido de Lenguas:


Shnia' Dille'xhun!

Nido de Lenguas offers regular classes for community members to learn how to speak Dille'xhun, the Zapotec variety from the town of Santiago Laxopa in the Sierra Norte of Oaxaca, Mexico. These are taught by Maestra Fe Silva-Robles, a native speaker, teacher, and community leader.

We look forward to welcoming both returning and new students in the fourth year of Clases, starting in fall 2020!

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Clases was inaugurated in 2017, after our first successful Camp. Participants learn how to greet one another, how to pronounce Zapotec's unfamiliar sounds, and how to talk about their family, among other topics. Students come from a wide range of ages and different language backgrounds. Some have ties to the region where Santiago Laxopa Zapotec is spoken; others are simply interested in learning more about a language spoken by many members of the Santa Cruz community.

All classes are free and open to the public. We ask only that participants register and commit to coming to a full year of classes. Please sign up by emailing us at All oral instruction is in Spanish only.

  • Teacher lecturing to students
  • Students working in groups
  • Teacher demonstrating vocabulary
  • Students practicing vocabulary

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